They want to clarify the rules for quoting radio-electronic products under Law No. 223-FZ

16 July 2021, Friday

Since the beginning of the year, a list of products has been in effect to fulfill the minimum share of purchases of domestic goods. In particular, it includes radio-electronic products (REP).
The Ministry of Finance proposes to clarify that the quota mechanism of the REP should be applied when concluding contracts for work (services), in the performance of which the right to own and (or) use products is transferred to the customer. Among other things, these are contracts for radio-electronic services for providing access to the cloud computing service.
The agency also proposed a formula for determining the cost of REP and the mandatory terms of such contracts.
The amendments can start working as early as November 1
The public discussion of the project will end on July 26.
Draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation

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