Electronic document management system

Since January 1, 2016, the Electronic Document management System sedogkz.zakupki.tatar (hereinafter - SEDO) has been introduced in the Republic of Tatarstan for the exchange and transfer of acceptance documents (act, invoice, invoice) between state (municipal) customers, autonomous institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan (hereinafter - customers of the Republic of Tatarstan) and suppliers (contractors, by performers).

The use of EDMS for all types of organizations is carried out free of charge.

Since May 12, 2016, registration of customers and procurement participants in the EDC is carried out independently.

To register and work in the EDMS, an enhanced qualified electronic signature is required. You can check the compliance with the specified requirement of the electronic signature certificate on the website https://www.gosuslugi.ru/pgu/eds /.

Phone number for work inquiries in the EDO: (843) 562-04-87.


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