The Russian radio electronics will have a special priority at purchases under the Law N 223-FZ

14 March 2019, Thursday

The Ministry of industry and trade wants to Supplement the resolution N 925 with special provisions on the priority of the Russian radio electronics included in the register, and also works and services connected with its use.

Thus, customers will evaluate applications for the supply of domestic products according to cost criteria, reducing the price offered by the participant by 30%. Contract to conclude at the price offered by the winner.

If the customer conducts an auction or other purchase with a step-by-step price reduction, with the winner who offered foreign products, the contract will be concluded at a price 30% lower than the proposed one. In cases where the price will be reduced to zero and bidding will go for the right to enter into a contract, such a winner will have to pay 30% more than he will offer.

Document: Draft Resolution of the Russian Government

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