The rules of evaluation of applications, final proposals of participants of procurement of services for the organization of children's recreation and their recovery have been adjusted

12 March 2019, Tuesday

The government of the Russian Federation has made changes to the Rules of evaluation of applications, final proposals of participants in the procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs (hereinafter – the Rules) relating to public procurement of services for children's recreation and their recovery. So, from March 15, if according to their results the relevant contracts are concluded, the customer is obliged to establish the following values of the significance of the evaluation criteria:

the significance value of the evaluation criteria – 40%;

the importance of non – monetary evaluation criteria-60% (decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 28, 2019 № 200 "on amendments to the Rules of evaluation of applications, final proposals of participants of the purchase of goods, works, services for state and municipal needs"1).

In addition, there is a rule that in the case of public procurement of these services, the customer will be obliged to establish an indicator of the participant's experience in the successful provision of services of a comparable nature and volume. And its significance will be at least 45% of the significance of all non-monetary evaluation criteria. In this case, the mentioned indicator will be formed exclusively from the following sub-indicators:

the total value of concluded contracts (contracts) on rendering services on organization of rest of children and their rehabilitation;

total number of such executed contracts (contracts);

the highest price of one of these contracts.

Recall that from February 6 this year canceled the provision according to which customers during the request for proposals may establish at its discretion not provided for in paragraph 4-5 of the Rules evaluation criteria, their significance values, and not to apply the limits of significance of evaluation criteria.

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