State customer will be able to contract faster in an emergency situation

4 June 2018, Monday

The Ministry of Finance proposes to allow customers to purchase from a single supplier under cl. 9 p. 1 st. 93 of Law N 44-FZ to change the schedule of purchases on the day of contracting. Now it can be corrected no later than one day before the date of the contract.

According to the authors of the draft, the amendments will allow customers to immediately provide assistance to victims in case of accidents, in other emergency situations, in case of emergency or emergency medical aid.

In addition, the government agency has developed changes in subordinate regulatory legal acts on planning to bring them in line with the new version of Law No. 44-FZ. It provides, in particular, a shorter period for changing the schedule for individual purchases.


Draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation (public discussion ended on May 25, 2018)

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