The Finance Ministry explained how the state customer should provide information about the opening of applications

10 January 2018, Wednesday

The customer is obliged to provide the participants with the opportunity to receive information on the opening of envelopes with applications in real time. The Office indicated that in order to properly perform this duty, it is sufficient for the customer to allow participants or their representatives to open the envelope.

The customer is not required to videotape the specified procedure. Participants have the right to conduct it.

Recall, for violating the procedure for opening envelopes with applications for participation in an open competition, the customer's official "may be fined." The size of the fine is 1% of the IMPC. It can not be less than 5 thousand and more than 30 thousand rubles.

Document: Letter No. 24-01-10 / 37699 of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of June 16, 2017

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